Friday, April 11, 2014

11th April 2014
I have not posted anything to my blog for some time. I have started an insane hexagon quilt and will document my progress......

This picture shows how much I have done so far.
I will explain the process - I downloaded a sheet of hexagons 3/4inch (5cm)  from the internet - such a kind person to have made all the options available. It saves hours of having to draw them out onto a sheet. 
I photocopied the page many times and then cut them out, (what a job!!). See the individual paper hexagons on the right just above the sheet. I then went through my stash of fabric and cut out a few of many shades, 2mm bigger than that paper.  I then folded the fabric over the paper and stitched it together making sure the corners are sharp. 
I then cut out six hexagons of fabric in each colour throughout my stash. Attached the fabric to the paper hexagons and to keep the sets together threaded them onto a long piece of cotton. See the sausage of hexagons above the random colours. I need a lot of white and green hexagons, so have done some of those too. 
I have now started sewing the six matching hexagons together with a random colour in the centre to form a flower and will surround it with white and two green hexagons joining them. 
I have thousands of hexagons to go to complete a quilt INSANITY!!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June Block - Helmited Guineafowl

July has arrived, I managed to complete my June Block just in time!

In anticipation of the Namaqualand wild flowers (due at the end of August), I did a block with a Helmited Guinea fowl standing in a field of yellow flowers. While I embellished the block I thought of all the wonderful trips we have had, visiting the amazing show of flowers that spring up from the dry brown soil making the entire countryside a rainbow of colours.

The Guinea fowl is posing beautifully for the camera. Numida Meleagris is his (or her) Latin name. Guinea fowl are profuse in the outlying suburbs of Cape Town and cars often have to stop while they cross the road with their offspring.

Brian lying amongst the purple & white daisies 

 You never know what is around the corner. A beautiful show of purple flowers with the pale coloured daisies on the right and tiny yellow flowers between them.

Daisies in the Bidouw Valley near Clanwilliam in the Cape.
The show of flowers depends on the amount of rain and its timing. We are looking forward to a wonderful show this year.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

May Block White Rhinoceros, Ceratotherium simum

May Block - White Rhinoceros, Ceratotherium simum (and baby)

Not too much embellishment - the Mother and baby say it all!

From Wikipedia: An alternative name for the white rhinoceros, more accurate but rarely used, is the square-lipped rhinoceros. The white rhinoceros' generic name, Ceratotherium, given by the zoologis t John Edward Gray in 1868, is derived from the Greek terms keras (κερας) "horn" and therion (θηριον) "beast". Simum, is derived from the Greek term simus (σιμος), meaning "flat nosed".

The white rhino is the second biggest land animal and can weight around 2 tons. The white rhino is the most common species of the remaining rhino, and inhabits parts of Africa.
There were around 11,000 white rhino counted in South Africa in 2005, but for unknown reasons the white  rhino rate of reproduction is low. The white  rhino is the only species of rhino that is not critically endangered.
I am falling behind with my June block as we were away for five days in the Karoo. It was truly amazing to drive though our beautiful country and see so many wonderful sites.

Gifberg Pass outside Van Rhynsdorp (31°37′S 18°44′E)  We were fortunate that the gravel road had just been graded, so our car managed the pass. Gifberg Holiday farm was beautiful. It was extremely cold but we lit a fire in the cottage and were nice and warm.

The gardens were beautifully laid out and I even found this old Singer! It was home from home!

On the third day we continued travelling on the R63 to Williston where we stayed at The Ark B&B, very quirky and interesting, the hospitality of Elmarie & Pieter is warm and welcoming. They boast the only shopping mall in Williston - quite unique.  

The next night we stayed at Victoria West and from there headed back home, having tea and apple pie at the famous Matjiesfontein.


We got a good view of the snow covered mountains - winter has arrived in the Cape! This picture was taken from the window of the moving car.

Nice to get back to our home.

I had better get back to my stitching!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

My family tree

Combining my two passions, patchwork and genealogy, I decided to honour the women in my life.
In researching my family it was astonishing to see that so very little is recorded about the women in our past. Some bore many children under difficult circumstances and worked tirelessly without complaint. I have researched several generations back but have only included ancestors whose photographs I have.  I transferred the photographs to fabric and made a crazy patch leaf for each lady. I embroidered her name and dates on the branch of the tree.
I have included a special aunt who worked on the research with me, of course my wonderful daughter and my two granddaughters, my brothers granddaughters (as little flowers)  I completed the project in 2000 and called it Grandmother's Garden.
A tribute to the women of my past, Love to the women in my present, Blessing to the wormen in my future. The invisible thread that binds us shapes our lives down the years.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

March Block - African Elephant- Loxodonto Africana

Completed my March block, reflecting the beautiful African elephant.

We have been to many game parks and seen a lots of various animals but this is my favourite. I would like to share this with you.
Etosha Game Park Namibia this fellow came towards us while we were sitting in our 'little' car. Walking so close beside  our car we could have touched him, the feeling of might was tangible.

I have tried to avoid embroidering flowers to maintain the strong image the elephant portrays.
April Block in progress!
Much love to all from Cape Town South Africa.